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Compact High Efficiency Adsorption Heat Pump

A schematic for a high-efficiency adsorption heat pump is shown in Figure 1. The condenser, throttle valve, and evaporator are equivalent to devices found in vapor compression cooling systems, but the mechanical compressor is replaced with an adsorption compressor, which uses high temperature heat and rejects intermediate temperature heat Design of novel geometries for microchannel heat sinks Sep 01, 2017 · The microchannel heat sink (MCHS) studied in this research is used for cooling high power diode lasers. The heat sink includes several microchannels in which coolant fluid is circulating. The MCHS is usually made of copper or silicon.

Heat pumps IPIECA

A heat pump is a device that can be used to boost the temperature of low grade heat (670°C) to higher levels (normally 20100°C), using a relatively small supply of high quality drive energy (electricity, fuel or waste heat). Heat pumps can also be used for cooling, in which case the heat is transferred from the application being cooled Igbt Heat Sink Lori Heat SinkIGBT heat sink can transfer the heat evenly from the substrate to the fin, which can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of high heat flux, not only with high efficiency, but also with compact structure and no moving parts, which can truly realize maintenance-free. High Power IGBT Heat Sink With Friction Welding Technology. Microembossed copper microchannel heat sink for high Oct 23, 2019 · High cooling performance with the micro-heat sink proves that microembossing by tungsten die is an alternative process for microchannel heat sink fabrication with batch production and low cost. Taking advantages of simple fabrication process and reutilisation of tungsten die, the technology shows promising potentials in high-density

Oil Coolers McMaster-Carr

High-Capacity Heat Sinks for Oil For greater cooling capacity and higher flow rates than other heat sinks for oil, these have a large fan. Also known as oil coolers, they're commonly used to cool hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil in cylinders and compressors. Cooling capacity is based on an initial temperature difference of 50° F. US7028754B2 - High surface area heat sink - Google PatentsA heat sink is built including a three dimensional array of cylindrical openings for air to flow through instead of fins. By having a larger surface area than heat sinks with fins, this high surface area heat sink results in increased heat transfer to the surrounding air than a similarly sized heat sink with fins. Heat sinks including an array of cylindrical openings may be manufactured Ultra High Ratio Extrusion Heat Sinks Improve Cooling May 01, 2010 · Fig. 4. shows the cross-section of an ultra-high extrusion heat sink. Most of these high ratio shapes provide a higher level of cooling capability in a smaller volume of space than their predecessors. Such heat sinks are more efficient in their material usage and achieve lighter weight than traditional extruded heat sinks.

folded fin heat sink- Aluminum/Al foil,plate/sheet

Folded Fin Heat Sink SNS Cooling Technology Inc. Folded Fin heat sinks are a good solution when looking for a medium to high density fin structure that is short in height (<2"). Manufacturer and Thermal Design Experts of Heatsinks, Heatpipes, Folded Fin, Castings, Stamping, LED Heat sinks, CFD Capability, TS-16949 & ISO9001 Approved How to Select a Heat Sink Electronics Cooling

  • Thermal CircuitRequired Heat-Sink Thermal ResistanceHeat-Sink SelectionHeat Sink TypesThermal Performance GraphHeat Exchangers McMaster-CarrHeat Sinks for Oil Dozens of fins and coolant tubes quickly dissipate excess heat. High-Capacity Heat Sinks for Oil For nearly twice the flow and cooling capacity of other heat sinks for oil, these have a