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Jun 11, 2020 · Nomenclature factor of end conditions in 3-point bending, 1 for simply supported, 4 for double clamped interval of measurement along the length L longitudinal displacement of spine P contact pressure (or the air pressure it can seal) 1 maximum bending strain of diaphragm 2 maximum bending strain of spine curvature of spine A concept for energy harvesting from quasi-static Mar 18, 2014 · Modelling of the buckling of a diaphragmspine structure for a wave energy converter K.M. Collins et al 2017 Materials & Design . Crossref. 2017 365 Crossref. Enhancement of quasi-static strain energy harvesters using non-uniform cross-section post-buckled beams

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Collins KM, Meng M, Le HR, Greaves D & Bellamy NW (2017) 'Modelling of the buckling of a diaphragmspine structure for a wave energy converter' Materials & Design 119, 159-170 , DOI Open access View all publications Effects of transverse fiber stiffness and central tendon Boriek, Aladin M., and Joseph R. Rodarte. Effects of transverse fiber stiffness and central tendon on displacement and shape of a simple diaphragm model. J. Appl. Physiol. 82(5):16261636, 1997.O Keri Collins - Google ScholarUnknown affiliation - Cited by 111 The following articles are merged in Scholar. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

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Jan 01, 2015 · Issued Aug 2014. Publications. Modelling of the buckling of a diaphragmspine structure for a wave energy converter. Materials & DesignJan 2017. A wide range of wave energy converter (WEC) designs Post buckling of micromachined beams - IOPscienceJan 01, 1999 · The finite amplitude of the beam in its postbuckled state is predicted by modeling the non-linear dependence of the out-of-plane deformation on the compressive stress. In addition, the model explicitly considers the net effect of slight imperfections, which can include fabrication defects, geometric irregularities, or non-ideal loading, on the beam's behavior in the near-buckling regime. Professor Deborah Greaves OBE FREng - University of

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    Psoas Major:Hip Flexor Or Lumbar Stabiliser?

    Proximal anatomy The PM is a long unipennate muscle that has one fascial attachment (via the diaphragm) and two fibrous attachment onto the spine (see Figure 1)(2). In terms of its upper fascial attachment onto the lumbar spine and the diaphragm, the PM attaches to the diaphragm via the medial arcuate ligament. Research - Sharif1.Modelling of the buckling of a diaphragm-spine structure for a wave energy converter, Materials and Designs, JMAD-D-16-05221, 2016. 2.A modified pin force model for beams with active material bonded, Materials and Designs, JMAD-D-15-04576R1, 2015.Mechanics and Materials in Design of a Buckling buckling of a diaphragm in both longitudinal and transverse directions. The design constraints of the diaphragm were identified and Cambridge Engineering Selection software was applied to select candidate materials for the diaphragm structure. Best candidates of materials were identified for both laboratory scale and industrial scale.