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Deep Drawing. Deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process used industrially to produce cup-shaped, box-shaped, and other complex-curved hollow-shaped sheet parts. From:Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology (Second Edition), 2015. Download as PDF. About this page. Deep Drawing Metallurgy for DummiesDeep drawing is the manufacturing process of forming sheet metal stock, called blanks, into geometrical or irregular shapes that are more than half their diameters in depth. Deep drawing involves stretching the metal blank around a plug and then moving it into a moulding cutter called a die.

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the deep drawing of sheet metal, are usually tool steels and iron. However, the range of materials for punch and die can span from plastics to carbides. Parts are usually drawn at Deep Drawn Stainless Steel - Deep Drawn Cans & SinksDec 20, 2015 · The process of deep drawing stainless steel involves applying pressure to stretch a flat piece of material over a form in a die. Depending on the depth and width of the draw, some parts must go through a series of stretches to meet desired specifications. A standard pot or can shaped part can be easily drawn 5 inches deep. Deep Drawn Stamping Larson ToolDeep drawn parts are very versatile and are used across a diversity of industriesfrom electronics to automotive and refrigeration, plumbing, and lighting. Items that have been deep drawn include assembly housings, industrial tanks, pressure vessels, and fire prevention devices.

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We supply oem metal customzied molds according your drawing or sample, also support hydralic and forging equipment, timely and professional sales and engineers for you, once mold finish, samples are provided. 1:Variety Material Suitable make us known your part is in aluminum, copper, SUS or steel. 2:Professional Technical Support Stainless Steel Deep Drawing Parts for Sensor CNstampingStainless Steel Deep Drawing Parts for Sensor The sensor housing is usually made of stainless steel deep drawing because of its high hardness, resistance to deformation, corrosion resistance, and bright appearance. But the heat dissipation performance is poor. The sensor housing has precision positioning holes, which can be locked together with other parts. If the Continue reading Stamping & Forming JSK Industrial SupplyWe manufacture deep draw formed parts in stainless steel, nickel alloy, brass, copper, and aluminum in orders of 50,000 or more efficiently and cost effectively. Sizes:We start with blanks up to 24 in diameter and make deep drawn parts ranging from ½-24 wide with depths up to 12. Materials:Carbon steels, Aluminum, brass, bronze

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The lubricant can form a film layer between the convex and concave die with certain toughness and elongation, thus it is beneficial for the deep drawing of stainless steel. For the deep drawn, difficult stainless steel drawing parts, Polyvinylidene film can be used as a lubricant in actual production.Deep Drawing Steels IspatGuruNov 02, 2013 · Deep drawing steel can be hot rolled or cold rolled or can be coated steels such as galvanized iron or galvannealed steel sheet. However the surface structures and excellent formability properties of cold rolled steel grades make them ideal for the purpose of deep drawing. Deep drawing steels are used extensively in automobile industry.