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2004:Features The craft of shafts Golfweek

Oct 06, 2004 · 2004:Features - The craft of shafts. All golfers want to know more about shafts. To provide insight into shaft selection and performance, Golfweek talked with several knowledgeable individuals in the golf industry. Many of their comments are included in this examination of steel and graphite shafts. The question-and-answer format also includes ACCRA in Golfweek Magazine ACCRA Golf ShaftsAs of Friday, February 8, 2013. Gawain Robertson, co-owner of shaftmaker Accra Premium Golf Shafts in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, may be the most straightforward person in the entire golf shaft industry. Robertson was a touring pro for 16 years and a club pro for 9 years. In 2008, he and partner Dave Makarucha bought the Accra name from shaft

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Jul 03, 2018 · Golfers often categorize themselves by shaft flex to describe their games or swings. Im an R flex, or, Im an S flex. Its as if they can create appropriate expectations with four words. Golf Ball Speed Vs. Shaft Flex GolfweekShaft Flexes There are five common shaft flexes. From least to most flexible, they are extra stiff (X), stiff (S), regular (R), senior (A) and ladies (L). Oddly enough, these are not hard and fast Golf Clubs Shaft Types - 05/2021Graphite shafts are the most expensive type of golf shaft that you would notice on the market. Because of the shaft material, a graphite shaft tends to produce more speed and yardages than a steel shaft. Though you will get more speed and yardages, all of these will be possible for the sake of

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"Flex" refers to the ability of a golf shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the golf swing. Those forces are generated by the type of swing that you have:fast or slow, smooth or jerky. Heavier vs Lighter Golf Shafts Pros, Cons & Benefits Of All shafts flex under the stress exerted by the golf swing and it affects your distance and direction. This varies depending on the strength and swing speed of every golfer. The flex of a shaft is the rating of the ability to bend during the golf swing and plays is a key factor Here's the shaft flex you should play based on your - GolfJun 12, 2020 · X-stiff This is the range where most high-level players fall. If youre swinging the driver above 105 mph, it might be time to get some X stiff shafts in your set. Stiff This range is

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May 28, 2019 · If your driver swing speed is approximately 110 mph or higher, and your carry distance around 270 yards, go with X flex shafts. If your speed is 95 to 110 mph and your carry distance 240-270 yards, go with S flex. If your speed is 85 to 95 mph and your carry distance is 200 to 240 yards, go with R flex. If your speed is 75 to 85 mph and your carry distance is 180 to 200 yards, go with A flex. Understanding Golf Club Shaft Flex - LiveAboutSep 21, 2018 · There are five generally used ratings for shaft flex:Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior and Ladies, usually denoted by the letters X, S, R, A and L ("A" is used for Senior because this flex was originally called "amateur"). What Is The Kickpoint In A Golf Shaft And Is It Important Some golf shaft manufacturers will put a lot of numbers and labels on their golf shafts, and some will put hardly any. When it comes time to replace your golf clubs, it is good to have a general idea of what you have been playing with. The most common things to see on a golf shaft are going to be the weight of the shaft and the flex.

What Is the Flex Point in a Golf Shaft? Golfweek

What Is the Flex Point in a Golf Shaft?. Clubfitters take a lot of familiar things into account when fitting you for clubs. Some of these such as the lie of the clubs, size of the grips and, to some degree, the loft of the clubs can be adjusted after you buy the clubs. Other things have to determined before you buy the clubs such as the shaft material (steel or graphite), type of How to Select the Right Shaft Flex for a Golf Club GolfweekHow to Select the Right Shaft Flex for a Golf Club. Step 1. Visit a golf store or fitting professional to have your swing evaluated. A professional will be able to assess your swing and speed and Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.